My name is Rex. I don’t care for manicures, pedicures, sutures, decay, cryptography, poverty, xmas lights, gardens, salivation, pathetic animal sounds, pharaohs, the circulatory system, seasons, saxophones, amputees, leather, dreams, fairy tales, anatomical perfections, electrodensities, chastity, non-violent demonstrations, the living dead, deserts, professional combat, Mother Nature, cinema, orientalisms, astrobiology, smooth skin, improvisational jazz, botany, alchemy, cyberspace, industrial sounds, melting, rain, color, locksmiths, parapsychology, recording devices, polymorphous perversity, event horizons, matricide, discipline, holography, self-help, mastication, stepparents, motels, neckties, nomadism, geometry, lexicogenesis, bullfighters, serpentine things, metallurgy, clouds, bricklayers, pearls, rodents, ballets, the Amish, hospitals, hospitality, silk, spikes, camping, strobe-lights, espionage, vertebrae, bare-feet, courtrooms, tantrics, patriotism, convertibles, cigars, contortionists, ventriloquists, investigative journalism, sporting, beards, bears, swarms, foams, ultraviolet, bone density, turquoise, the Balkans, butterflies, detectives, adrenaline, middle school, eels, spray tans, locusts, pollination, the 1950’s, jelly, Dickens, mythology, astrology, mandalas, phobias, dirt roads, illusions, microscopic telescopes, a cappella, pagans, wrinkles, poker, feathers, toys, precious stones, rebels, sumo wrestling, pores, Cubism, dreadlocks, balloons, giants, the U.S.S.R, saxophones, racing, robes, superheroes, vapors, lumberjacks, sweat bands, burlesque, boiling, dripping, splattering, Gaia, vineyards, ashes, Tarot, bacteria, lycanthropy, autoeroticism, eroticism, prison shivs, sexy costumes, canned foods, clocks, neurotransmitters, naturphilosophie, membranes, evil twins, ubiquitous computing, crop circles, fedoras, bioluminescence, rainstorms, animal trainers, colonial America, extremely tall people, chemical warfare, middle management, ontogeny, fangs, the elderly, deaf-mutes, and Jews.

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