Date: April 21, 2014 at 1:48:57 PM CDT
To: ConsumerServices – Mailbox
Subject: Re: BA Consumer Services Form Results Submitted 4/19/2014 1:02:38 PM


My inquiry:

Baby Einstein

I am an astrophysicist at Southern North Dakota State University. I recently purchased a set of your Baby Einstein videos for my child to watch on weekends, and unfortunately, they don’t seem to be working. I give her random self-created IQ tests on Einstein’s Theories of Special and General Relativity and she doesn’t seem to understand anything about space-time dilation, energy-mass equivalency, etc. Personally, I think Einstein himself would be disappointed by the misrepresentation of your product. I would like to ask for a refund, I’d like it to get here at the speed of light (just joking, nothing with mass can move at the speed of light, as you well know). Thank you for your time, as well as the expedient refund.

Rick Cabrera, Ph.D


Their response:

Hello Rick,

Thank you so much for your e-mail. We sincerely appreciate the time you took to contact us and your interest in Baby Einstein products.

To better assist you with the issues you are having with your Disney/Baby Einstein DVD please reply back with the following information:

· How many discs are in the set and are they packaged in individual cases or in slip covers?

· How long have you owned the set?

· What store did you purchase this set from?

· Have the discs ever played without this issue?

· Do you notice any discoloration, marks or scratches on the disc?

· On the shiny side of the disc, near the center, there should be a list of letters or numbers starting with an “X” or a letter code such as “MAT” or “BVDL” or “7R0”. Please include this set of letters/numbers.

You may also call Baby Einstein Technical Support Team at 1-800-793-1454 option 4, Monday-Friday from 9:30-6:30 CST, so they can further assist you.

Thank you,


The Baby Einstein Company


My response:

Baby Einstein,

I’m not sure if any of those questions are relevant, unless people make reenactments of Baby Einstein videos. I have seen low quality Baby Eisenstein products, that was most likely because they were about a 1920’s Russian filmmaker who pioneered the cinema montage, and the film quality in the 1920’s moving pictures was quite bad. The problem is is that my 27 year old daughter has learned nothing about Einstein’s theories, a fact I found out after quizzing her numerous times. What exactly do videos teach about Einstein? She still cannot conceptualize 4D space-time or gravitational time-dilation. She has been watching for 3 years already, and seems to be becoming less intelligent. LESS INTELLIGENT!!! I discern this from the quizzes. A great once man once told me that learning is the teacher’s job, not the students’. The same man once swam the Bosphorus in less than seven days. An educator’s role is to inspire learning, not leave a 27 year old girl out in the jungle with a red and white “dunce cap” waiting to be eaten by savages. She failed out of college, and now you are failing her with your product. Einstein was important and his name should not by abducted by a product that can’t teach a young girl his ideas. He couldn’t use gravitational time delay to foresee this. But I have found a solution. I will help you. I will help you explain Einstein’s (and even Eisenstein’s if you’d like) theories in your DVD’s. I am a professor of Astrophysics and you need consultants on a pedagogical project of this magnitude and importance. I can submit a resume as soon as possible, apply, and then we can started on pre-production most likely within the month. They will be better than all that BBC and Nova hocus-pocus, and actually teach the people something. We will need a team of nine astrophysicists for interviews and lectures, six particle physicists to explain Einstein’s Noble prize winning theories on the photoelectric effect, and three cosmologists to explain why the theories of gravity and the Standard Model particle theories don’t coalesce at the singularity. I will assemble the team and run their monetary demands by you before hiring them. It shouldn’t cost much, as academics do this for the love of it. Thank you for hard work and faith in my project. Baby Einstein will prevail as the leader in Einstein lesson videos!

All the best,

Rick Cabrera Ph.D

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