My Inquiry:


Dear Austin City View Agents,

I have a problem (and solution) that I’d like to discuss. I will soon become paralyzed from the waist down. This is just a guess, considering my lifestyle. My fiance, who is the leaseholder at your complex, agrees, as I’m sure many other tenants would. By legal code F3368.B14, my landlords must accommodate this. I suggest replacing the stairs with escalators. I understand that this could be costly, but what other choice do you have, given that this place could not manage to equip the disabled with elevators. The escalators should be like those at Whole Foods, without steps in order for the customers to take their shopping carts to the parking garage. They are safer for the able-bodied, safer for me, and even safer for you. They would make moving up to the higher floors much easier for new tenants, and moving out easier, as long as they were moving their stuff down the down, rather than down the up, escalator. When I am disabled, I will not be going out after dark, so they can be turned off, to save electricity. Or, if I decide to go back to my bar tending job on Sixth street, you can leave them on during the evening and night, so I can get too and from work without the hassle of crawling up stairs, with my wheelchair chained to the bike rack. That would be a travesty. Please email me concerning this.

Best Regards,

Rick Cabrera
Their Response:


Good Afternoon. My name is Cara Ritz and I am the community manager of CityView Apartments. I have left you a voicemail this afternoon regarding your below request. I would love to be of service to you. I would like to send you the paperwork Greystar requires when this type of request is made. (A Reasonable Modification/Accommodation request form).

May I have your apartment #? The apartment # indicated below is nonexistent here at our community.

Thanks again Rick! I look forward to speaking with you!
Cara Ritz, CAM | Community Manager | CityView Apartments
4900 East Oltorf Austin, Texas 78741 | Tel 512-707-VIEW (8439) | Fax 512-707-8005
cityviewmgr@greystar.com | http://www.austincityview.com | Check out our Video! | Like us on Facebook!

A Greener Greystar
We understand that small changes can make a big difference in our efforts to be a more environmentally responsible organization. With our mission to serve our communities and give back it seems only natural that we start making daily choices that make a difference.
Together we all have the opportunity at Greystar to create a better, more sustainable future through the decisions we make today.
—–Original Message—–
From: Rick Cabrera [mailto:deepolsar423@msn.com]
Sent: Sunday, April 20, 2014 12:38 AM
To: Cityview
Subject: Resident Feedback – Austin City View Apartments – Rick Cabrera

Website: Austin City View Apartments

Subject: Resident Feedback

Name: Rick Cabrera

Phone Number: 512-947-7823


Resident? yes

Unit Number: 146

Their Response:

On Wed, 30 Apr 2014 15:43:15 CDT, Cityview Manager <cityviewmgr@greystar.com> wrote:

I wanted to follow up with you again regarding your below request. I would be happy to discuss this with you over the phone or in person if you are able to stop in. The office # is 512-707-8439. You may also email me if most convenient for you!
Cara Ritz, CAM | Community Manager | CityView Apartments
http://www.austincityview.com | Check out our Video! | Like us on Facebook!


My Response:
I would be happy to stop by the office, but I am currently in the hospital. Thank you for your concern. They finally let me use an ipad to take care of my business. My guess was half-way correct and I will soon not be able to walk properly or run. They think it is because of my lifestyle. I am covered in a burning rubbing ointment daily (like a high-grade Ben Gay) and shouted at by a drill-seargant physical therapist. But my condition is more inconvenient primarily because I am terrified of dogs and my physical therapy requires a stumble around shoal creek, where, as you know, many take those violent creatures. I don’t know if this is a tactic on the part of the physical therapist to get me to try to run. But I truly do I appreciate your concern. I will come in as soon as I am released. My leg-enhancement therapy will not be complete, but I will crawl there if I have to, in order to help the apartment help the disabled. I am blown away by the concern that City View has for these very important issues. You are absolutely second to none.

Their Response:

Thank you for your reply! My thoughts are with you and a safe and quick recovery! If you don’t mind me asking what apartment you live in? You indicated 146 which is non existent at CityView. Im sure you can understand that the substantiality of your requests will take some time to review and come to a solution.

Thanks again Rick. Please let me know what I can do for you! I look forward upon your response.

Best wishes,

Cara Ritz


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