My Inquiry:


Dear Estancia Apartments,

This is R.C. Sorry to bother you about this but I am having a problem with the leasing agent currently working in your office. My birthname is Rick Cabrera, a name a refuse to go by. I have asked her numerous times to call me by my nickname R.C. and she keeps referring to me as Rick. Nobody calls me Rick anymore and I usually fail to respond to it. My football coach used to call me Cabrera, and I eventually decided to quit the team. My mother started calling me R.C. at a very young age and it stuck. My family, friends, teachers all called me R.C. They caught on very quickly. “Hey R.C., lemme borrow you weed whacker” “hey R.C. I’m gonna smash you if you don’t let me copy your homework.” You see how easy it is. But the girl just cannot get it straight. I don’t know if she is trying to insult me or just doesn’t care about my feelings. My feelings are important to me and they should be important to you as well.




Their Response:

Hello R.C.,

We received your e-mail and are sorry that this issue has occurred. Please contact our property manager with your apartment number and phone number directly. I would like for her to be able to talk to you. Have a great weekend!

Latasha D. Bell
Assistant Property Manager


8600 State HWY 71 W.
Austin, TX. 78735


My Response:


Thanks for caring about my weekend. I want you to have a great weekend as well. The greatest! I no longer care to called R.C. My fiance, whose is leasing in your apartment complex, told me it was a stupid nickname. Do you think it is a stupid nickname? My mother gave it to me and I care about it. My fiance kinda hurt my feelings. Do you think I should just go with Rick? Or come up with a new nickname that maybe combines my first and last name, like Rarera? I still think that R.C. is better than Rarera. I could extend it into Rickardos. I don’t know if I am going to hold you guys to R.C. I will let you know. Thank you for your help in this matter. You have been very thoughtful.

Best Regards,

Rickardos Cabrera (I miss R.C.)

My follow up:


Dear Latasha,

I was ecstatic to walk into the office and have an agent refer to me as Rickardos. You guys really know how to manage your employees. I thank you dearly. This really helped my feelings. But unfortunately, I will no longer be living in Estancia. My fiance called of our wedding due to my obsession with my nickname. I wanted her to use it during the ceremony and she really hurt my feelings by saying “That’s stupid Rick! You bother everyone about this! I’m F@#&%ing over this whole thing. Just get out! OUT! The wedding is off!” Crazy, huh? I love her and miss her already. Do you think that you can talk to her for me, and tell her that you didn’t mind calling me by my two nicknames? This could make her realize that its not crazy to have a nickname. And remind her how much I miss and love her. You should have someone with a sweet voice speak to her, and it should be in person. Please PLEASE save my relationship. I will be forever indebted to you and Estancia. Thank you for your generosity and receptive attitude.


Rickardos Cabrera



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