My Inquiry:

Best juicer ever,

Howdy. I like the look of the juicer. But I have a few questions. How many times has the juicer been used? You can give me an approximate number. I am a vegan so I cannot buy a juicer that meat, eggs, or milk have touched. Is this the case with your juicer? Is the juicer dangerous to use? I’ve never had one and I’ve heard stories about people getting their pinky finger caught in the juicer. Is it safe for children to use? My four year old daughter loves raspberry peanut juice and has been begging me to get her a juicer. Does it come in other colors? I like the look but the color is a bit off-putting and does not match the color of my motel kitchen. I guess I could spray paint it if it doesn’t. I think your juicer is great and would like some more details. Thank you.


Rick Cabrera


Their Response:

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Nothing but veggies and fruit have been in the juicer. The only way you could hurt yourself is if you take apart the juicer and turn it on which obviously you should not do. Otherwise your daughter being that her hand is small could possibly hurt herself so should not use it without your supervision. Otherwise there’s no way you could hurt yourself on it. It doesn’t juice peanuts though, just fruit and veggies. No other colors. Sorry. I’ve used it about 10 times.




My Response:


On May 9, 2014 6:01 PM, “Rick Cabrera” wrote:

Thats great that no meat has ever been in the juicer. Are you sure that it doesn’t juice peanuts? I’ve heard that many do. As for the safety issues, I am not sure that I can keep my daughter away from it while I am work, and I don’t speak Pharsi, so its hard to tell the babysitter to keep her away from it. I could take it apart and remove the dangerous parts though, correct? Does it make any noise? I juice in the early morning and will kicked out of the motel if I wake up any of the other guests. I have also heard that people can cook crystal meth with these things. I assume that that’s never happened in your juicer, but I don’t want my son “experimenting” with juicer meth. He’s already ruined the motel bathtub. He is a handful. I like the juicer. I don’t know juicers well so I will take your word that its the best ever. Thank you very much for the added details. I hope this juicer is not gone by the time you receive this email. Thanks.


Rick Cabrera


You’re a funny guy Rick.

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