My Inquiry:

Tanning Bed

I like the look of the tanning bed. But I have one major question. I need to get a tan in three days for my wedding. I am willing to pay anything to make me look good for the ceremony. Can I sleep in the tanning bed with it running? I need to get crisp golden in a very short period of time. I think buying your bed might be the answer. Please respond with further details. Thanks.


Rick Cabrera

Their Response:

U can sleep in them but only for the manufacture recomended time for your skin type. Its sounds like u need a spray tan. If u will call me or send your phone # we can set this up. I have been spraying for 6 years about 25 times a week and am really good at it. I can make you a beautiful golden airbrush finish brown for the wedding 🙂 call now to schedule

My response:

Tanning Bed,

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Time is of the essence here. I’m glad to know that I can sleep in one overnight. The spray tan seems a bit scary so I’d prefer not to do it. It does seem a bit excessive that you would get 25 spray tans a week for 6 years. I don’t think thats safe. You can turn permanently orange from that much exposure. Why are you getting rid of these; are they defective? My friend Dave used a defective one and it burned off all of his body hair. I cannot have that happen to me before the wedding. How does a spray tan work? is it like graphitti or a carwash? Time is running out here. Thanks for your help with this matter.


Rick Cabrera

Their Response:

No, you can not sleep in it over night with the bed on… There are max tan times set fourth by each manufacture for different skin types. A uv tan may not be what u need this fast. I dont spray myself 25 times a week, i spray other people and at least 25 different people per week. Some spray tan solution can have an orange tone MINE DOES NOT!!! I own a tanning salon and spray other people. Where do u live


My Response:

Tanning Beds

Thanks for the reply. it’s good to know you don’t spray yourself as frequently as I thought. That would be crazy. But I’m not convinced that you can’t pull an overnighter in this bed. What’s the worst that can happen? How quickly could you get over here to spray me down? It’s not that far of a drive from Astoria. Maybe 20-something minutes. Quick question: How do you eliminate the orange tone from the spray? I once knew a guy who made his own spray out of pumpkin and oranges and he could never get the smell off. He looked good though. I hope your’s doesn’t do that to me. My fiance would KILL me if she had to smell pumpkin throughout the whole ceremony. Thanks a lot. I’ll email you the address after I speak to the concierge.


Rick Cabrera


Their response:
i use norvell i dont make it… Try http://www.norvellsunless.com . I dont know where astoria is, where r u. Im in ft worth. I just noticed u are looking at an austin ad. Im in ft worth. Try tan it all or extreme tan if u are close to austin. you should get a spray tan tho. U dont have enough time to tan in a bed.








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