My Inquiry:

I’m writing to confirm my wedding at your cemetery for the date of June 6th. I assume you have already received our check. My fiance and I are super excited to find a cemetery that is beautiful enough to hold a dark wedding ceremony. We have been Goths since we were teenagers and always dreamed of this day. We really appreciate your acceptance of our lifestyle, and willingness to allow us to engage in this most wonderful ritual. Please email me back confirming the date. My future wife and I thank you so very much.


Rick Cabrera

Their Response:

On Thu, 15 May 2014 08:11:28 CDT, Ismael Galvan wrote:

Mr. Cabrera,

First let me congratulate you on your upcoming nuptials. I will pray that God bless you and your future wife.
Regrettably, Holy Cross Cemetery and its facilities are for the burial of the faithful departed and the liturgy involved for that service. This cemetery is owned by the Archdiocese of San Antonio and will not allow for the sacrament of marriage to take place anywhere but a Parish.
Respectfully yours,
Ismael Galvan

My Response:


This is a sudden turn of events. I’m a Catholic Goth so I didn’t think it would be a problem. So is my fiance Raven. The dark wedding was planned for the night so there wouldn’t be any funerals going on. We do not think that the dead would mind either. We were not planning on any loud music or gothic rituals of the night so it wouldn’t violate any sacrament other than the Parish issue. And I figured that with the inauguration of Pope Francis that the Church had relaxed its rules on Parish weddings. I assure you that out marriage is a sacrament. And it would be an outrage to have it in a secular cemetery where the damned lie. Can you refer me to another Catholic cemetery that would accommodate our wedding?


Rick Cabrera

Their Response:

Mr. Cabrera,

I do not know of a Catholic Cemetery in San Antonio that would allow your marriage to take place on it’s grounds. One of the other cemetery managers stated that he received an email from you so your request was discussed and unfortunately we have to follow Canon doctrine. Good luck with your search.
Take care


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