My inquiry:

Papa Murphy,

I have an urgent problem that I need to discuss with you.

Their response:

Rick I am a supervisor with the Hawthorne Papa Murphy’s what can I do for you ?

Larz Wassel
Area Supervisor
Papa Murphy’s

My response:

Dear Larz,

I am a successful entrepreneur who never passes on a good opportunity when I find one. I plan on opening a store with just ovens next door to your location. Here, people can cook whatever they choose, but I am forecasting that they will be cooking your pizzas. This has the potential to bring in so much business for you. People can get home with fully cooked pizzas for their friends and families, instead of having to do it themselves. My concern here is that this will take away from the essence of your business, selling uncooked food. I plan on calling it “Mama’s Ovens” with the slogan “Papa might make it, but Mama will bake it.” Pretty good, huh? And the sign will be really large, with blinking lights, like the light of an oven, periodically making noises like an oven timer is going off. Pretty cool, huh? I think the idea is great, but the realty company makes me contact the store owners in the area to ensure that there is no conflict. I am sure this will be more of a symbiotic relationship. Thank you.


Rick Cabrera


Dear Rick,

I do not think this is an idea we can support. More importantly, the tenant next door claims that he has no desire to leave soon. You might have been mistaken about the location of your operation.


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