My Inquiry:

Dear UKCG,

Hello. I was referred to you by a good friend that has heard about your work. I have a problem that I believe can only be rectified by religious means. My daughter seems to be hearing voices of a disturbing nature. I don’t believe in traditional psychiatric approaches. They tend to think medication and talking therapy is the only answer to problems of this sort. This is why I am contacting you. Only God and his devout followers can handle these sorts of problems. But the issue at hand has gotten extremely bad and I need help with it immediately. I am wondering if the exorcism can be done over Skype. I realize that the most effective way is to have the exorcist in the room, but this requires immediate action. Please email me back as soon as possible regarding this issue. Thank you and God be with you.


Rick Cabrera

Their response:

Hi Rick, thanks for your email.

Few things I would like to make clear before we can offer any help.

1. We don’t do exorcism, but instead use spiritual authority given by God to His disciples to cast out evil spirits, according to the Great Commission in Mark 16.14-18
2. You said that you don’t believe in traditional psychiatric approaches, but I believe that doctors/medicine work on God’s side and therefore should never be despised. However, I do agree that there are specific cases when the doctors themselves say that there’s nothing they can do, and only a miracle can help. Have you tried doctor’s help already?

You did not mention where you are from. This is essential in order for us to be able to offer any help.

Kind regards.

My response:

Dear UKCG,

Thank you for your concern. I did take my daughter to a doctor and he said that they wanted to give her medications to “balance her out”. I cannot condone this because I believe that she might truly become Godless taking drugs where many demons may reside. On another note, what is the difference between an exorcism and using the authority given by God to cast out evil spirits? My only experience with these practices is from being forced to watch that awful, blasphemous movie, “The Exorcist” when I was a child. Is that what casting out evil spirits looks like? As painful as it looks it is better than her getting doped up in a mental institution with a bunch of lost souls around her. She hasn’t quite gotten to the point as the girl did in the movie, but I fear she is on her way. The demon has a name, one that is peculiar and hard to pronounce, much less spell. I think it might be Arabic, as I know they can inject their demons into the souls of good Christians. That is what the coming religious war is really all about. The evil spirit causes her to scream at the television at 8 P.M. when it is turned to channel 7 (she says its because some unmarried man called “The Bachelor” has picked the wrong woman, whom he probably fornicated with out of wedlock. I don’t know what evil nonsense she is talking about), she drinks all of her father’s wine, claiming it to be the blood of Christ our Savior and good for her. I truly hope this demon does not turn her into a Muslim, which is the worst disease possible. I don’t want to have to fight her in the upcoming war, but I will in the name of God. If she goes to Hell, I will be sad, but realize that it was the plan of God Almighty. I live in Austin, TX and have ready access to Skype and a really fast connection with Time Warner. Please help rid my daughter of these demons. I am worried for her salvation. I no longer know what to do. I believe that you are the one chosen to help. Thank you and God bless.

God’s Love,

Rick Cabrera



Their Response:

Hi Rick, I spoke to my colleagues there in USA who do exactly what we do over here and will be able to help in a much better way, including a home visit to see your daughter.

I will forward your email to him. His name is Vincent and he will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Kind regards.


will keep this one updated.

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