My Inquiry:

Dear Park Crest Floral,

I’ve always loved your flowers and arrangements. You have some talented people working for you. That’s why I have come back to you time and time again. I have an important Valentine’s Day order. Money is no object here, I will pay whatever I have to. This is too important. Here’s the note:

“I’ve done everything I could to make this a great relationship. I love you and loved you since the day we met. I even loved you after your weight gain. I know it was a glandular issue, but you remained beautiful to me. But its hard to go on with you away so often. Ive tried to live being apart from you, but I am not strong enough. My life means nothing without you. That is why I can’t go on any longer. I hope you understand. And never think that somehow this is your fault. By the time you get this, I might already be gone, sitting at the steps of the pearly gates, waiting for you to come home to me. Then we will be together for eternity. My love for you is timeless. Please take care of the kids for me. Tell them that I love them and that they will see me again someday, in a place far above the stars. I love you all.”

Your Loving Husband,

Rick Cabrera


Their Response:


Happy to help. Please call the store at 512-467-4024 to discuss the arrangement. Thanks



My Response:

Park Crest Floral,

Thank you so much for your help. I know you have an expedient delivery service and the best arrangers in the business. Please feel free to email me, before Valentine’s Day, if you have any questions. I can’t have any snags with this. Thanks again.


Rick Cabrera


Their Response:

Hi Rick, Call me when you can or email me with some more details.

Thank you,


My Response:

Park Crest Floral,

Thanks for the expedient reply. I will call when I get the chance(either today or tomorrow) as I’m quite busy at the moment and need time to ponder the arrangement that I want for such a strange occasion. Just to give you a preliminary picture of what I’m going for, I do know that I’d like an arrangement in the shape of St. Peter with his hand extending out to greet me, as I kneel down before him. I’ve seen such elaborate arrangements and I’m sure with your skill you can accommodate me. Or quite possibly a tombstone with my name on it, quoting a passage from the Bible, such as “go forth mine children, and let me suffer alone, ” or something of the sort. I want my children to know that I need them to move on, although one of them has a mental disability and probably won’t understand. She might, she’s smart, and picked the winner of the Super Bowl, which won me a few thousand dollars. I had her point at the team she thought would win. She likes the Patriots’s uniform colors. She doesn’t understand death though, and once squeezed the air out of our kitten and continued to try to play with it for several weeks. We had to tie a fishing line to its neck, dragging it so it would look like it was moving. I’d like a special flower in the arrangement just for her. I’m glad that you have been so extremely accommodating thus far, and I will get in touch with you either today or tomorrow. If you have any ideas, you ARE creative and good at what you do, let me know. All the best.


Rick Cabrera



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