My Inquiry:

Dear Mercedes Floral,

I’ve always loved your flowers and arrangements. You have some talented people working for you. That’s why I have come back to you time and time again. I would like a dozen roses sent over to a loved one. The note is important, as it expresses feelings that I have never expressed before.

“Hi Shawna,

You don’t know me but I know you. Very well. I know better than anyone that you are a beautiful person, who is caring and loving, and has a birthmark on your inner thigh. You hide behind your looks and smiles, but I can see that you hurt inside. I see you looking at that picture of you and your father, the photo with you in your prom dress. So beautiful. I wish that I had gone to prom with you, that most special night of one’s life. I didn’t get to go, but I had a good time watching you have a good time at Ichi Sushi with Jonathan Barnes. He could never see in you what I see in you. He was secretly smooching with Carli later on that night at the party. It was a great party, but I didn’t have the guts to introduce myself. The same thing happened at your college graduation and wedding reception. It is hard to approach somebody you’ve loved for so long. So now, ten years later, I am taking the plunge. I love you Shawna and we will be together someday. I am 100% positive about this. It has to happen. I love you and I will be seeing you soon, protecting you, even if you don’t see me. I am your superhero in the night. I love you.


Thank you for your help with the flowers. I know she’ll love them, because her husband never buys her roses anymore. He hasn’t for the last five Valentine’s Days, and I can see the pain in her eyes when she walks past them at the grocery store. You have had impeccable service in the past, and I know it won’t be any difference this time around.


Rick Cabrera


Their Response:

Dear Rick,

I’m sorry why is this urgent? Do you need them right now? I would need you to go online and see what we have for Valentine’s and purchase thru there- I’ve got your letter to her so when checking out on the notes just please put delivery date.
We still have flowers and deliveries available, but we are running out fast.


Thank you!!

All my best,

512-291-3539 shop



My Response:


Thank you for your help. This is urgent because I need to have the arrangement sent by Valentine’s Day, which is coming up soon. Although there are beautiful arrangements, I didn’t see anything that would be appropriate for my darling Shawna. This might have to be customized project. Could you make one of a man with a set of binoculars, following a weeping woman with golden blond hair? Or a marriage license with our names on it, with the words “LOVE” written above it? I can’t thank you enough for your willingness to help me with this project. I will definitely give you a five star review on Yelp! Thanks again.


Rick Cabrera



Their Response:

Dear Rick,

We apologize but can’t custom make anything. We also can’t send the letter your attached in prior email.
My apologies.

All my best,

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