My Inquiry:

Dear A Flower Shop Junction,

I’ve always loved your flowers and arrangements. You have some talented people working for you. That’s why I have come back to you time and time again. I have an important Valentine’s Day order. Money is no object here, I will pay whatever I have to. This is too important. Here’s the note:

“My Martha,

I miss you so much. Ever since you passed I have not been able to even look in the mirror. I was driving the car and I should have had the passenger side airbag checked months before our roadtrip. I swear I didn’t fall asleep behind the wheel. That man came out from nowhere. I’ve been so sad since the accident. I love you so much. I don’t care that you had affairs, I did as well. We are even. But I do have one complaint. I didn’t like the lack of maternal skills. Our kids needed attention and affection, but you failed to provide this for them. I hope that you made it to heaven. Your account with the Holy Father was tolerable, at best. I wish you had made up for your mistakes while alive. But maybe God will focus on your good points, like I did. I love you so very much and hopefully will see you again one day.

Your Loving Husband,

Rick Cabrera”

The flowers can be delivered to the tombstone of Martha Cabrera at Oakwood Cemetery at 1601 Navasota St. This is very important and may allow for me to finally have closure in the matter, and move on to other women. Freedom is lonely, but also exciting. I loved her very much, but a man has needs. Thank you so very much for your willingness to help with this. I will refer all of my friends and clients to you. If you have any questions, feel free to email me. Thanks.


Rick Cabrera


Their Response:


Please call our office. 512-450-1128 and ask for me personally so I can take care of this order for you. My name is Terrisia.

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My Response:

Dear Terrisia,

Thanks for the expedient reply. I will get back to you very soon (either today or tomorrow), as I am very busy at the moment. I also need abit of time to ponder on the arrangement itself. And I am still distraught. As a quick preliminary picture, I’m thinking of two cars crashing into each other, with a woman ascending above the mangled cars into heaven, possibly with a question mark above her. We just don’t know what God has in store for us after death. I know with your skill, this can be achieved. You people are artists. But Martha was a very wild woman and I am not positive that she will get into heaven. I once caught her spanking our first child with a statue of Mother Theresa. Bizarre behavior, but she had her good points. She used to buy all of the pink canned soups that donate some of the proceeds to fight cancer. Very kind of her to do that. I am very thankful that you are willing to help me with this matter. It will aid in my recovery from this traumatic incident. All the best, and I will contact you soon.


Rick Cabrera


Their Response:



Your request is not clear to me. Also, I am sorry but we no longer deliver to cemeteries, and it would be difficult and time consuming to locate the grave of your deceased wife. This is a very busy time of year. Sorry.





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